The Girl With Hope

  This weekend was okay I guess,I was really bored on Saturday so I decided to watch a movie with my little cousins. We decided to watch “The Little Princess” by Walter Lang. I have to say that this movie really touched me because it was sad and happy at the same time. Even my little cousin Nataly cried when she saw it and she is only three years old.

      This film is about a little girl named Sara Crewe. Her life was amazing until one day her dad was called to go fight in the war. She was sent to a private school for girls, because her father was rich she had many pleasures. However later on a letter comes to the school in the mail that says that her father was killed in the war. When Mrs. Michin reads it she has to make a choice of whether to keep Sara or not. She decides to keep her but Sara has to work for her keep. Sara becomes an orphan who works as a slave, but still she doesn’t accept the fact that her fathers dead. She goes looking for him.

  They used a lot of close up shots in this film. I noticed that they’d always do the close ups on the faces. I think it’s mainly because they were trying to show the emotion in the actors face and they did a really good job of it. They also did some long shots but that was only when Sara was in the hospital looking for her father and she wasn’t in the hospital a lot so that’s why there wasn’t as much long shots in the film.

    The style they had in the movie really showed that it wasn’t our time period and it wasn’t the 1800’s style either. It was more of an Engalnd type style. The girls and the ladies all had dresses on and the men all had suits on. There dresses however were ones that girls and ladies wear now to church, they weren’t those big/wide dresses that were used a long time ago. I think the England style was really good for this film.

   I would really recommend this for a family because it is really at first but has a happy ending which really makes it a family movie. It  also teaches kids that they should be happy fro who and what they got. If I could, I would watch this movie again, that’s how much it touched me.


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  1. Thanks for the detail. Your entries are getting better every time!!

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