The Fake Wedding

  So this sunday I went to my cousins Katies house because she was having a b-day party for her little baby who just turned one and I  went to her sisters apartment Liz which lives right across from Katie and i was hanging out with Diana my couz.We then decided to pick a movie and we picked “The Purposal”. It was the funniest movie ever.

   “The Purposal” was about a woman her name is Margurite who is an editor and she is very bossy the whole company hates her. There is a young man that works as an editor assistant  for her. Well Margurite a candian has to face deportation and so she uses Andrew as her fiance. So Andrew agrees to marry her for a promotion. That weekend he was supossed to go to his grandmothers 90th b-day party so he ends up going with Margurite.She then meets his parents and thinks they are very nice and well while doing this fraud she finds herself actually falling in love with Andrew. Andrew also starts to find himself falling in love with Margurite the woman who he used to despise.

     The shots in this film were pretty interesting because they did a lot of those jump cuts, I guess those shots caused the humor that was in the film.They also did a lot of fade shots to get to the next scene.However the shots I liked the most were the reaction shots because it showed how the character reacted and  in this film the characters reactions were really important to me.

   I liked where the fill took place because it just really went with the film.It first showed New York a really busy place and then it showed where Andrews parents lived whch was in Alaska.When you compare those two you see New York as being busy and noisy and Alaska  is just  peaceful and relaxing. I think that they were just trying to show how different Margurites personality is compared to Andrews.

    It was also very romantic I would really recommend this to someone who loves comedy and romance. It is very funny it has a lot of funny scenes in it, even my parents laughed when they saw the movie. It also had a lot of romance in it, it had a lot of those scenes where it just shows how to people feel about themselves.


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  1. Anna, take a little more care with your posts, please.

    For instance, I am sure you know that people’s names should be capitalized. You should also know to check the title of the film so that you spell it right. Even a spellcheck would have caught that.

    Please edit this so I can score it.

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