The Geek Next Door

       So over the weekend I was with my family and on friday we were tired and I got an idea to watch a movie. I remembered that a new movie just came out called “The Spy next Door”.I thought it was really lame because it was more of a childish film than an ordianry adult film. It was about a man called Bob (Jackie Chan) who lived next door to this woman named Julian who has three kids, two girls and one boy. What happens is he really likes Julian and since he’s undercover he dresses like a geek and even acts like one; that bugged me the most. Anyway he lies to her about who he is and what he does. The kids don’t like him at all and one day he is left to babysit them and that’s when he reveals that he is not who he said he was and so he has to admit that he is not a geek or a man with a good job, but a spy. That’s when all these other things start happening when he has to go back and protect Julian and the kids from the bad guys (russians). It was funny but not as funny and good as the other movies i’ve watched. The kids really enjoyed it so i guess that’s one movie I would recommend for kids.


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  1. Hi Anna,

    Let’s go over this entry together on Tuesday to see if we can improve your next one!

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