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The Fake Wedding

  So this sunday I went to my cousins Katies house because she was having a b-day party for her little baby who just turned one and I  went to her sisters apartment Liz which lives right across from Katie and i was hanging out with Diana my couz.We then decided to pick a movie and we picked “The Purposal”. It was the funniest movie ever.

   “The Purposal” was about a woman her name is Margurite who is an editor and she is very bossy the whole company hates her. There is a young man that works as an editor assistant  for her. Well Margurite a candian has to face deportation and so she uses Andrew as her fiance. So Andrew agrees to marry her for a promotion. That weekend he was supossed to go to his grandmothers 90th b-day party so he ends up going with Margurite.She then meets his parents and thinks they are very nice and well while doing this fraud she finds herself actually falling in love with Andrew. Andrew also starts to find himself falling in love with Margurite the woman who he used to despise.

     The shots in this film were pretty interesting because they did a lot of those jump cuts, I guess those shots caused the humor that was in the film.They also did a lot of fade shots to get to the next scene.However the shots I liked the most were the reaction shots because it showed how the character reacted and  in this film the characters reactions were really important to me.

   I liked where the fill took place because it just really went with the film.It first showed New York a really busy place and then it showed where Andrews parents lived whch was in Alaska.When you compare those two you see New York as being busy and noisy and Alaska  is just  peaceful and relaxing. I think that they were just trying to show how different Margurites personality is compared to Andrews.

    It was also very romantic I would really recommend this to someone who loves comedy and romance. It is very funny it has a lot of funny scenes in it, even my parents laughed when they saw the movie. It also had a lot of romance in it, it had a lot of those scenes where it just shows how to people feel about themselves.


The Great Queen

I have seen commercials and heard so much gossip about this fim called “One Night With The King”. So since I haven’t watched it i decided to watch it instead of hearing about it and how wonderful it is. So i went on my computer at home and loaded the movie and then sat on my couch and watched it. This film was really good, no it was amazing. It is my number one movie.

      The film was about a girl(Hadarsa) who lost her parents and got raised by her uncle (Mordichi). Meanwhile there village was ruled by a king and he had a wife named (Vashti). The queen (Vashti) one day betrays the king by not obeying him and so he sends her away. There’s a catch though, now the king needs a new wife so he takes all the young ladies ages 18 to 25 years to his castle and the young lady (Hadarsa) who was raised by (Mordichi) is taken as well but before she is taken Mordichi tells Hadarsa to lie about her name and where she was born. The name he gives her is Ruth of Suza. For she was a jew and no one could know that in the kingdom. So she obeys her uncle and that’s the night sshe gets taken. She is chosen to be queen but an evil man named (Haman) is placed as prince and he is plotting to kill all jews not knowing that Esther is a jew and now it is time for her to tell the king that she is a jew. that however becomes the greatest risk of all. It is a matter of life and death.

      I liked this very much because it had a lot of twists in it. At first you think that everything is good and then unexpectedly something bad happens. Then all these problems just come together at the very end. Until then you are always worrying about what’s gonna happen next.

          Shots of the film were just amazing. At the begining of the film they did a long shot and it was beautiful, they took a scene of the castle and what was around it and then they compared the castles enchantements with Esthers village and how different those two are from each other. At the middle of the film they did a lot of the close ups wich showed a lot of drama. At the end of the film they did another long shot and one of the dissolve shots which was really good.

        This film was just amazing i don’t think that there’s any other film that would be better than “One Night With The King”. There is just so much things that would have to be done for me to like another film other than this one.

Ruth The Great

  I have been hearing so much about “The Story Of Ruth”. So i decided to watch it at home. I’m really happy that i watched it because i really loved it. My sister watched it with me as well and now it is her number two movie. She just couldn’t help saying how good it was and how amazing it was. It got really annoying after a while but that’s what you get for letting a little kid to watch a movie with you.

 It was mostly about love and faith and  about how a young lady named (Ruth) changed her belief about her gods by a man named (Mallon). They end up getting married but then he gets killed and Ruth has to go to a different village with her mother in law (Naomi). In the new village she gets criticized and hated in her new world until she meets another man named (Boaz) and he changes her life forever.

  I liked this very much because it showed how much people can hate someone by where they come from without actually getting to know them. It shows how cruel people can really be. I also think that they were really jealous of Ruth because she was very beautiful. Just because all of there crops were dying they blamed everything on Ruth. I think that this teaches us a lesson about how to respect other people.

   The fashion was really old but in the same way i loved it. It looked very pretty and fashionable.I guess what i am trying to say is that it fit with the time period that the film took place in. The place was also very old fashioned as was the transportation.

    The Story Of Ruth is very different then it would have been now. It’s very old style and it’s very interesting. During the film i would relate how much harder it must have been to live like theydid and how easy it is for us to live now. The way they did the shots it made evrything look very old style. They did a lot of close ups and a lot of long shots.

    Other films similiar to “The Story Of Ruth” such as( Barabass,Ben-Hur,etc.) they were just not what i was expecting. They had i guess i can say, too much violence. Ruth had violence as well but it didn’t have a lot and it had more of the peace, faith and love in it. This film made me happy and sad and that’s why i loved it. It really touched me. I would really recommend this to someone who really likes romance.

The Geek Next Door

       So over the weekend I was with my family and on friday we were tired and I got an idea to watch a movie. I remembered that a new movie just came out called “The Spy next Door”.I thought it was really lame because it was more of a childish film than an ordianry adult film. It was about a man called Bob (Jackie Chan) who lived next door to this woman named Julian who has three kids, two girls and one boy. What happens is he really likes Julian and since he’s undercover he dresses like a geek and even acts like one; that bugged me the most. Anyway he lies to her about who he is and what he does. The kids don’t like him at all and one day he is left to babysit them and that’s when he reveals that he is not who he said he was and so he has to admit that he is not a geek or a man with a good job, but a spy. That’s when all these other things start happening when he has to go back and protect Julian and the kids from the bad guys (russians). It was funny but not as funny and good as the other movies i’ve watched. The kids really enjoyed it so i guess that’s one movie I would recommend for kids.